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29-31 August 2006
Boulder, CO

Welcome to the Climate Variability Workshop at COMET!

This three-day Climate Variability Workshop is the residence component of the Climate Services Professional Development Series (Climate PDS).  The course is designed for NWS WFO and RFC Climate Focal Points and has the goal of raising their level of understanding of various climate variability topics. The course will provide extensive background training in the following areas:

The objective of this residence training is to equip the NWS Climate Focal Points with additional scientific knowledge needed to better establish NWS local offices as local climate services resources. This course is complementary to the Operational Climate Services course that targets developing operational skills. Prior to attending the residence portion of the Climate Variability residence course, attendees are expected to complete important prerequisites, including attending the Operational Climate Services course.

Webcasts of lectures from previous versions of this class are available online.



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