Flash Flood Operations and Awareness Teletraining

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Welcome to the FLOAT Teletraining Home Page. This course will use the technology developed for the Virtual Institute for Satellite Integration Training (VISIT) to deliver live teletraining sessions related to flash flooding. Much of the material will be based on flash flood material developed for several residence courses such as Hydrometeorology, the Faculty Hydrometeorology Course, the COMAP Symposia on heavy precipitation and flash floods, and both the Advanced Warning Decision Making Workshop and the Distance Learning Operations course operated by Warning Decision Training Branch (WDTB).

The sessions will be roughly 60 minutes long, with a little more time for questions and interactions. We plan to limit each session to a maximum of 8 different offices. Each office is limited to one session. Offices that have very little flash flood threats may choose not to participate. Our suggestion for the most appropriate participants would be:

  1. Service Hydrologist or Hydrologic Focal Points who have NOT attended the COMET Hydromet course, or attended the COMET Hydromet course prior to 1998
  2. WCMs who have NOT attended one of the WDTB workshops at the COMET facility since 1999
  3. Lead forecasters

Two versions of the course will be offered. Version I will focus more on intense convective rainfall and flash floods in regions with relatively flat terrain. Version II will focus more on terrain-influenced QPF and flash floods. There will be significant overlap between the versions. Thus, it would not be useful to take both versions. Both versions will focus primarily on short-duration convective events. Snowmelt, ice jams, and structural failures will not be covered. Contact Matt Kelsch (by phone at 303/ 497-8476 or by e-mail kelsch@comet.ucar.edu) for more information

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