Selected DataStreme Weather Map Symbols

Surface Station Model

Temp (F)
Dewpoint (F)
Pressure (mb)
Sky Cover
Wind (kts)
Data at Surface Station
Temp 45 F, dewpoint 29 F,
overcast, wind from SE at 15 knots,
weather light rain, pressure 1004.5 mb

Upper Air Station Model

Temp (C)

Dewpoint (C)
Height (m)

Wind (kts)
Data at Pressure Level
Temp -5 C, dewpoint -12 C,
wind from S at 75 knots,
height of level 1564 m

Forecast Station Model

Temp (F)
Dewpoint (F)
PoP (%)
Sky Cover
Wind (kts)
Forecast at Valid Time
Temp 78 F, dewpoint 52 F,
scattered clouds, wind from E at 10 knots,
probability of precipitation 70% with rain showers


Map Symbols

Sky Cover Wind Fronts Selected
Weather Symbols
clear Calm cold front warm front


1/8   1-2 knots
            (1-2 mph)
stationary front occluded front

Rain Shower

scattered   3-7 knots
            (3-8 mph)


3/8   8-12 knots
            (9-14 mph)
radar intensities
colors.gif (518 bytes)


4/8   13-17 knots
            (15-20 mph)
tornado (T) #300
t_box.gif (346 bytes)


5/8   18-22 knots
            (21-25 mph)
severe thunderstorm (S) #287s_box.gif (354 bytes)

Snow Shower

broken   23-27 knots
            (26-31 mph)
Freezing Rain
7/8   48-52 knots
            (55-60 mph)
Freezing Drizzle
overcast   73-77 knots
             (84-89 mph)
obscured 103-107 knots
           (119-123 mph)

Shaft in direction wind is coming from

Dust or Sand
Blowing Snow

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