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Project Title (click links for more information) Topic Forecast Office University
Development of Web-based numerical weather prediction (NWP) training module for the NWS (Postdoc. Fellow: W. Bua) NWP TEST Camp Springs
The role of symmetric instability in the initiation, organization, and intensity of elevated convective activity (Postdoc. Fellow: T. Doggett) Obs./Tools, NWP, Convective, Obs./Tools Lubbock
Short-range ensemble forecasting (SERF) project at NCEP/EMC (Postdoc. Fellow: J. Du) NWP, QPF/QPE/Precipitation Environmental Modeling Center
Development of MM5 model for Tallahassee WSFO and sea breeze forecasting (Postdoc Fellow: C. Herbster) Coastal, NWP, Mesoscale, Hurricanes/Tropical Tallahassee
Development of COMET Web-based professional development training on numerical weather prediction for NWS field forecasters (Postdoc. Fellow: S. Jascourt) NWP Silver Spring
The NWS National Precipitation Verification Program (Postdoc. Fellow: B. McDonald) QPF/QPE/Precipitation Camp Springs
An investigation of a new operational tool for forecasting downslope windstorms (Postdoc. Fellow: L. Nance) Winds, Mesoscale Seattle
A qualitative assessment of the NESDIS Auto-Estimator (Postdoc. Fellow: R. Rozumalski) Satellite, QPF/QPE/Precipitation Hydrometeorological Prediction Center
Utility of ACARS data in forecasting the Chicago lake breeze Aviation, Mesoscale, Convective, Obs./Tools Kansas City Iowa State University
Impact of the 1997-98 El Nino event on synoptic-scale temperature and precipitation distributions over the Midwest QPF/QPE/Precipitation, Mesoscale, Climate Indianapolis Purdue University
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