KMA Weather Analysis Course

About this facilitated course

Working with experts from universities and national science agencies, COMET staff scientists design and deliver many customized residence courses each year. The KMA Weather Analysis course, held in December 2017 at COMET's facilities in Boulder, CO for Korea Meteorological Administration staff, featured lectures, interactive labs, and discussions on many weather analysis, diagnosis and prognosis topics. Students experienced satellite products on a synoptic scale by building the atmosphere in 3D with Play-doh down to hydrometeor classification with dual-polarization radar in real-time with experts in the field. This course covered analysis at all scales. Such courses offer forecasters the opportunity to shadow experts and apply new methods with peers in an environment that simulates the work experience.

Recent testimonials highlight just how valuable our facilitated courses are for increasing geoscience professionals’ skill and capacity:

“Very engaging presenters ... gave me tools I can use in the office. The activities did get me thinking without making it too easy, helping ensure I learn and internalize the information better.”
“The water vapour discussions were a key component of the daily activities and gave me a deeper understanding of what is driving the sensible weather in 3D.”
“When I came on shift... the surface analysis didn’t make sense and fronts were misplaced... I demanded a rethink of the evening's analysis [using new course knowledge], and we came up with a better solution.”