University Support

Are you an instructor or professor looking to engage your students in new ways? Do you need resources to build your students’ knowledge and refine your own? 

COMET supports universities to provide the skills and tools you need to teach the next generation of geoscience leaders. 

Check out these resources available to students and instructors:

  • University Courses - Our MetEd lessons packaged into courses that align with the most typical courses offered at a college or university. The lessons are aligned by normal course topics. 
  • Interactive Skew-T - A resource where one can upload a Skew-T to investigate data further.  
  • How to Be Alone Together…Teaching Geosciences in Quarantine - Check out our webinars on how to foster connections, actively engage learners, and more in online learning environments. 
  • *COMING SOON* Private Sector Meteorology Lesson and Classroom Materials - A free resource allowing students and instructors to understand different career opportunities in the private sector of meteorology. Classroom materials will allow students to practice in a scenario what those in the private sector would do for the case presented. 
  • Synoptic Lab Package - A paid package instructors can use focusing on in person classroom syntopic material. 

If you have any questions about how COMET can help, feel free to email


Collaborate with us! 

COMET wants to expand our resources and is looking to build a repository of case data that will be free for use for all registered users. We seek all types of cases that could be used in any classroom at all levels. Please contact us at for more information.