Portfolio of Services

Customized training and technology solutions for the Weather, Water and Climate enterprises

Scenario-Based Learning

Our learners become actors in resolving realistic challenges.

3D-PAWS (3D-Printed Automatic Weather Station)

Learn more about this joint initiative that aims to reduce hydrometeorology-related risk in developing countries and remote areas.

Adaptive Learning

We deliver custom learning experiences that address the unique needs of an individual through just-in-time feedback and pathways through e-learning

Game-Inspired Learning 

We embed game principles and characteristics into learning activities.


We prepare short learning materials for just-in-time learning

Storm Surge AR

This augmented reality app allows you to see the potential impacts of hurricane storm surge inundation and visualize how it could affect your home. 

Fire Weather Communications

Learners can see the effects of their communication choices on decisions made by fire personnel in this simulation.

KMA Weather Analysis Course

This residence course for Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) staff featured lectures, interactive labs, and discussions on many weather analysis, diagnosis and prognosis topics.

Shallow Water Wave Calculator

Use this wave calculator to estimate the effects of shallow-water wave behaviors, including shoaling, refraction, reflection, breaking, attenuation, and coastal run-up.